Day 10



Today was terrible.

Updating merely out of some weird sense of necessity.

Okay, I’m going to hide in a corner and do my calculus now. v_v


Day 8



I was so proud of myself -I managed to fast yesterday and work out so I made my net!

And yet today, when I woke up I weighed myself (despite telling myself I wouldn’t) and I gained two pounds. 


WHAT DID I DO??!?!?!?!?!??

Please, no one start saying water weight. Water weight is an insignificant little bitch to me. v_v

Anyway, today the madre want to get Wendy’s and bring it home. No, I do not get to chose the meal. We’re splitting a 1220 cal monstrosity

Lord help me.


I’m just going to go sulk, now.

Day 2

2 (2)

Today was bad. I miss having control. Every time I seem to gain it, I lose it again.


Calcium supplement          +   30

STASH premium chai spice decaf tea          +      5

Apple Juice box          +     30

1/2 Clif Mojo Sweet & Salty Trail mix bar          +     95

1 packet M&M’s          +   230

1 plain cod fillet          +   189

1 small slice oreo cake         +   300 (estimation)

1 cup lipton white berry tea          +        5

total:          +   884


884 Jumping Jacks          –        0

none other -still not feeling too hot. I change my mind; being sick does NOT help with restriction.  People keep trying to give you sweets (and I fell for them Dx)

At least I don’t have to eat dinner with the fam Wednesday and Thursday, so that will help.

Net:          +   884

Goal net for the next five days:          + 3333               This averages out to:          +   666/day