Guys, I’m seriously depressed now.



So I found this website:

And I did the calculations, once with measurements from my right side, once with measurements from my left side, and once with average measurements taken.

And either I did the math wrong or for me to have a thigh gap of 0,5″ I must have a thigh circumference of roughly 10,75″ 
That’s more than half of what they are now.
That means, I would have to be able to wrap both hands around my thighs and have a 2,5 inch overlap. I checked.

Well, I guess we’ll see where I’m at when I reach my GW, but seriously depressed now TT_TT


Day 3

2 (4)

For god’s sake, I have got to stop eating sweets. It’s killing me.

Today I had a pineapple cake. ONE PINEAPPLE CAKE. TWO BITES.

Guess how many calories?


They’re ruining me. They’re just so tempting and then you take a bite and THERE GOES MY INTAKE FOR THE DAY and then the cravings start. Seriously, no cravings until I actually eat something and then all I can think about is CARBSCARBSCARBSCARBSCARBS.

New rule: Until the end of these 100 days, NO SWEETS.

Two exceptions: I can have 1 piece of candy and 1 dessert on Halloween and Thanksgiving, respectively but EVERYTHING will count towards intake, so that may cause me to reconsider.



Gummy Vites Calcium Supplement          +   30

CQ-10 Supplement          +        5

Lipton Chai Tea          +        5

1 Pineapple cake          + 280

6oz rotisserie chicken breast meat          + 312

1 serving of plain Rozini Smart Taste spaghetti           + 250          (adding 100 to that because it was a visual estimate and also I know my mother added oil. Luckily, I got out of the sauce because it had mushrooms in it, to which I am allergic. Thank god)

Multivitamin          +        5

Total:          + 887


887 Jumping Jacks          –        0

Total:          –        0

I’m feeling much better today, though so hoping to get back into the cardio tomorrow, which should help make a dent on my rapidly decreasing daily allotments for the week.

Net:          + 887

Goal net for the next four days:          + 2446     This averages out to:          + 611/day

Funny, I would have been just fine without the pineapple cake. -_-“