I made a countdown ticker.


I’m going to keep it up on my laptop to remind me to not eat so much! Dx

Here it is:


Hopefully it helps. I was still hoping to get on that would go on my desktop, but that may be suspicious, anyway.


Day 1 -My throat hurts


Yeah, I have strep. I don’t think it’s going to be difficult at all to restrict over the next couple of days. Which is good, because today I found out that I actually weigh 158. fml.


6 Halls Defense Assorted Citrus cough drops                    +    75

Meijer Gold Chai tea                                                                   +       5

My mom actually took me to BUTTERBEES. WHY.

1 Chicken tender                                                                          + 400

1 Potato skin                                                                                 +    83

water with lemon                                                                        +      5

Lipton white caramel truffle tea                                             +      5

1 potato                                                                                          + 110

1/4 cup Ground beef with taco spice                                    + 100 (estimating)

total                                                                                                 + 783


I do 1 jumping jack for every calorie I consume, but don’t count this or bmr in outtake, so:

–      0

Net:                                                                                                  + 783


That leaves my goal net intake for the next six days to be:  4217cals (average 702 cal a day.. I’m going to have to be careful.)