Day 10



Today was terrible.

Updating merely out of some weird sense of necessity.

Okay, I’m going to hide in a corner and do my calculus now. v_v


Day 9 -Probably the only girl in the world looking forward to her period.



Today, I was depressed and ate ice cream. (stupid v_v)

But then I found two links to websites that I had saved, to make myself feel better.

A BMI calculator that takes into account frame size:

(I’m “Desirable”)

And a weight-loss over time calculator:

Even though I knew the information they both presented me, it made me feel better to see  them represented in graphical form.

I also checked my calendar and YES, my period is on its way. (Thanks @st4bucksadd1ct !) So, now I can stop beating myself up for inexplicably gaining two lbs.


As for today, I’m going to hop on that elliptical and burn off those ice cream calories now! (And maybe some extra for dinner)

Mom’s making some homemade chicken wings with her air-fryer. So, not the best, but not debilitating if I only have a few. 

Looking forward to seeing that nice drop (usually by 5lbs) after my period ends. 

Also, for those of you whom didn’t know, females burn more calories (especially during exercise) on their periods, and there’s more likely to be FAT loss than muscle. I’ll touch more on this later, but definitely also looking forward to taking advantage of this -provided I don’t get the munchies. 😉


Day 8



I was so proud of myself -I managed to fast yesterday and work out so I made my net!

And yet today, when I woke up I weighed myself (despite telling myself I wouldn’t) and I gained two pounds. 


WHAT DID I DO??!?!?!?!?!??

Please, no one start saying water weight. Water weight is an insignificant little bitch to me. v_v

Anyway, today the madre want to get Wendy’s and bring it home. No, I do not get to chose the meal. We’re splitting a 1220 cal monstrosity

Lord help me.


I’m just going to go sulk, now.

Guys, I’m seriously depressed now.



So I found this website:

And I did the calculations, once with measurements from my right side, once with measurements from my left side, and once with average measurements taken.

And either I did the math wrong or for me to have a thigh gap of 0,5″ I must have a thigh circumference of roughly 10,75″ 
That’s more than half of what they are now.
That means, I would have to be able to wrap both hands around my thighs and have a 2,5 inch overlap. I checked.

Well, I guess we’ll see where I’m at when I reach my GW, but seriously depressed now TT_TT

Days 4 and 5



Sorry I haven’t updated guys. Nothing much to tell. I fasted for two days, and then broke it in the evening of five with a big box of noodles. (Way to go, she said sarcastically). >o>

Starting tomorrow, new rules:

  • STOP eating when NOT hungry at all
  • Under 30g carbs a day if possible. If not, 50 Max. 
    God, I miss ketosis.
  • WORK OUT. -_-

Also, another update: I now have an account on THIS website –

I go by the name Rho White, apparently, so check on me occasionally. 😉