Day 9 -Probably the only girl in the world looking forward to her period.



Today, I was depressed and ate ice cream. (stupid v_v)

But then I found two links to websites that I had saved, to make myself feel better.

A BMI calculator that takes into account frame size:

(I’m “Desirable”)

And a weight-loss over time calculator:

Even though I knew the information they both presented me, it made me feel better to see  them represented in graphical form.

I also checked my calendar and YES, my period is on its way. (Thanks @st4bucksadd1ct !) So, now I can stop beating myself up for inexplicably gaining two lbs.


As for today, I’m going to hop on that elliptical and burn off those ice cream calories now! (And maybe some extra for dinner)

Mom’s making some homemade chicken wings with her air-fryer. So, not the best, but not debilitating if I only have a few. 

Looking forward to seeing that nice drop (usually by 5lbs) after my period ends. 

Also, for those of you whom didn’t know, females burn more calories (especially during exercise) on their periods, and there’s more likely to be FAT loss than muscle. I’ll touch more on this later, but definitely also looking forward to taking advantage of this -provided I don’t get the munchies. 😉



2 thoughts on “Day 9 -Probably the only girl in the world looking forward to her period.

  1. I totally didnt know about the burning more fat on our period! Im gonna use that on my next one. I also had some ice cream today, not much tho. Hope it doesnt show up on the scale tomorrow. Im also “desirable” on the BMI calculator. I have a large frame apparently.

    Have a good one!


    • Yes, I didn’t know until recently either! But it turns out there are loads of studies on it. There’s not enough of an increase on it’s own -maybe just forgiving enough for that really bad craving you get. However, when coupled with exercise, the extra fat-burning potential can add up!
      By the way, I also have a large frame. Given the choices, I find having a large frame (for myself) to be preferable. ^_^

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