Day 8



I was so proud of myself -I managed to fast yesterday and work out so I made my net!

And yet today, when I woke up I weighed myself (despite telling myself I wouldn’t) and I gained two pounds. 


WHAT DID I DO??!?!?!?!?!??

Please, no one start saying water weight. Water weight is an insignificant little bitch to me. v_v

Anyway, today the madre want to get Wendy’s and bring it home. No, I do not get to chose the meal. We’re splitting a 1220 cal monstrosity

Lord help me.


I’m just going to go sulk, now.


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Im so sorry. Thats horrible. I have no idea how you could gain if you didnt even eat.. muscle mass? Did you weigh yourself the day before? Is your period coming? How old are you btw? I was just wondering cause you mentioned your mom was bringing home food.

    Hope today goes better.


    • I dunno, I did a bunch of muscle exercises, so it probably *is* water retention, but it still really sucks. ):<
      I actually have no idea whether or not my period's coming, though. .-. I might want to check that, thank you.
      I'm seventeen.

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